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Back Facial

Karreen Martin, L.AC, LE., B.S., M.AC

Therapeutic Back Facials

Depending on your skin type and skin care needs, there are many benefits of a back facial. Cleansing and exfoliating the skin, clearing clogged pores, enhancing dry skin, or simply cleansing the back and moving energy along the spine has the ability to create an amazing, rejuvinating body balancing effect.


During a back facial, your back will be cleansed and exfoliated with scrub to rid the skin of dry dead skin cells, providing easy removal of black heads and white heads.

Skin Script RX is a professonal skin care line used to enhance the overall appearance, texture and tone. Hot stones and Acupuncture are an additional alternative to a holistic back facial.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the cervicals, thoracics and lumbar vertebrae (aka Huatojajias) are connnected to our internal organs and have the ability to enhance and remove energy blocks providing homeostasis. The Huatojajias have the ability to move and transform energy through the internal meridian pathways deep within the body.

Cupping, Gua Sha, hot stones and acupuncture are additional therapeutic methods used during a back facial which stimulate, relax and increase overall body wellness.

If you are experiencing back pain, tension, muscle tightness, tingling or discomfort in your neck, upper back, mid-back or lower back, you are an excellent candidate for a therapeutic back treatment.