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Education: Cortiva Institue of Massage Therapy (August 2015 through August 2016)  license pending:Nov. 2016

Swedish Massage is to enhance circulation and promote relaxation. In a clinical progression we assess the soft tissue to locate areas of pathology and to facilitate change in that tissue to promot homeostasis.

Adhesions are binding of adjacent layers of soft tissue, two or more muscles, layers in the muscle or muscle fibers; fascia and musccle or fascial layers, indicating tissue ischemia, dehydration or thickening. Inhibits free movement of muscle and fascia and leads to pain, muscle inbalances, dyfunction and postural distortions

Muscle stripping is a deep, specific gliding stroke applied with the direction of the muscle fibers. The stroke is to lengthen the muscle that has had chronic injury patterns for more than 3 months. Elongating the muscle allows healing and reduction of pain. Muscle stripping facilitates change in unhealthy muscle tissue.

Cross Fiber Friction is the best friction tool for assessment and for breaking up fibrosis and adhesions. CFF can be invasive and irritation, but with excellent results. Beaking up scar tissue/adhesions, facilitation increased (ROM) range of motion, increases circulation, free capillary flow in the layers of (CT) connective tissue