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Nail Care

1011 N. Craycroft, #304  (Craycroft/Speedway) | Tucson, AZ  85711 | Google Maps | Office/Text: 520-327-4649

Karreen Martin, L.A.C., L.M.T., L.E., B.S., M.A.C.

Karreen's studio provides top of the line nail care products and services for men and women. All tools, implements and pedicure bowls are cleansed and sanitized after each use to meet Arizona State Board of Cosmetology standards.


Tammy Taylor Nail Products

A high end acrylic product line that will not lift or yellow. 

Silk and Fiberglass Nails

An option for individuals who prefer a natural look without an acrylic product. Full sets, fills or repairs are available.



Pedicures with Auricular Therapy and Scalp Acupuncture

Toe Tantalizing Pedicure

Includes heel exfoliation, sea salt scrub, reflexology (10 minutes) along with Auricular ear points manipulation for total relaxation.

Seductively Tempting Pedicure

Includes heel exfoliation, sea salt scrub, Reflexology treatment (20 Minutes) along with a hot stone massage up to the knees. This pedicure incorporates Auricular and scalp massage.