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Karreen Martin, L.A.C., L.M.T., L.E., B.S., M.A.C.

How long have you been waxing in Tucson?

I have provided men and women with full body waxing since 2001.  All waxing services are provided in a private treatment room and are conducted in a professional manner.


Facial Hair Removal

Due to age, ethnicity or hormonal imbalances, women tend to grow small fuzzy facial hair. Due to aging, hair can become coarse or thicker either on the lateral sides of the lips or below the chin area. Removing this hair with wax does not make it grow back thicker or darker, it slowly thins out the hair growth and over a six month period, you may have a minimal amount of facial hair. Maintenance is quick and easy.

Eyebrow Waxing or Eyebrow Designing?


Eyebrow waxing is a quick, precise and easy alternative to plucking. The eyebrows frame our eyes and enhance your overall natural beauty. Karreen can create the perfect eyebrow scaping that emphasizes your eyes.

Bikini & Brazilian Waxing for Men and Women

imageThis professional service is for full or partial hair removal in the genital area. In a typical Brazilian wax session, all hair is removed from the front to the back and, for  privacy, the client is covered at all times and the cloth will be moved from area to alleviate redness, irritation, and provide a soft, stubble-free surface. Hard wax is used on the bikini side to side during treatment.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Depending on the area, waxing  can be uncomfortable especially on the bikini area.  I  recommend an over the counter NSAID (pain relief) taken a half hour before your scheduled treatment.

Do Men Request Brazilian Waxing (Man-scaping)?


Every woman loves a well manicured man and Man-scaping is my specialty! Man-scaping areas include eyebrows, nose, ears, neck, underarms, chest and legs. If this is your first waxing session, to reduce discomfort I would suggest that you  take an over the counter NSAID 30 minutes prior to your arrival.  Unless otherwise specified, all hair is removed from the front and back side.

Brazilian Waxing Maintenance

For best results, schedule waxing services every five weeks to maintain the area.