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Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy for acute or chronic pain

Swedish Massage is to enhance circulation and promote relaxation. In a clinical progression we assess the soft tissue to locate areas of pathology and to facilitate change in that tissue to promote homeostasis.

Adhesions are binding of adjacent layers of soft tissue, two or more muscles, layers in the muscle or muscle fibers; fascia and muscle or fascial layers, indicating tissue ischemia, dehydration or thickening. Inhibits free movement of muscle and fascia and leads to pain, muscle imbalances, dysfunction and postural distortions.

Muscle stripping is a deep, specific gliding stroke applied with the direction of the muscle fibers. The stroke is to lengthen the muscle that has had chronic injury patterns for more than three months. Elongating the muscle allows healing and reduction of pain. Muscle stripping facilitates change in unhealthy muscle tissue.

Cross Fiber Friction is the best friction tool for assessment and for breaking up fibrosis and adhesions. CFF can be invasive and irritating, but with excellent results. Breaking up scar tissue/adhesions, facilitation increases (ROM) range of motion, increases circulation and frees capillary flow in the layers of the (CT) connective tissue.

Reflexology for Painful, Tired or Sore Feet If your feet hurt, then your entire body suffers. Reflexology is an amazing  treatment which applies pressure point massage and manipulation to the entire foot and ankle area. Moving and manipulating Qi is key to overall body relaxation and a stress reducing treatment.

Treatment You will lay on your back with your legs elevated and remain fully clothed (wear either shorts or loose legged pants for comfort). If you choose to experience acupuncture, I will place several needles in the ears and scalp area before treatment.  

I will manipulate pressure points on the bottom of your feet to provide relief to various body parts, addressing pain, stress, or dis-harmonies.  You will begin to experience a state of deep relaxation as I connect with the internal meridians and pathways that travel throughout your body from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head.

Hot Stone Massage Treatment will end with a hot stone massage, starting at the bottom of your feet and moving up to the ankle area

CranioSacral Therapy

CraniumSkull  Sacrum: Upper portion of the tailbone

The CranioSacral system consists of the bones from the skull, spine and pelvis, as well as the fluid that moves up and down the spine and around the brain. The cerebral spinal fluid is secreted in waves emitting its own pulse.

CranioSacral therapy works with the craniospinal pulses to move the fluids and reduce or release light or misaligned structures or restrictions.  A subtle, effective light and gentle healing touch is used to evaluate and remediate the craniosacral system. Our fingers are the tools we use to feel these soft subtle releases, which in turn allow the entire body to relax and self correct. CranioSacral therapy has a calming and rebalancing impact on the nervous system, may eliminate pain, stagnation in the body, as well as alleviating various physical and emotional issues.

CranioSacral Therapy a session may last an hour and the individual is fully clothed and usually laying on their back. I will gently touch various parts of the body to monitor the rhythm of the fluid that flows around the central nervous system and locate areas of deficiency and/or excess.

By freeing the central nervous system, CST has the ability to eliminate pain and stress. When the body is self healing and releasing tension, you may snore, feel twitching, jerking or jumping sensations. These are internal signs that the body is relaxed and self-correcting.


  • Loosens the neck and shoulder muscles          
  • Reduces tension and headaches
  • Creates overall body relaxation
  • Alleviates TMJ 
  • Reduces tooth pain
  • Reduces hip pain 
  • Reduces shoulder pain 
  • Relaxes your mind and body