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Permanent Makeup

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Karreen Martin, L.A.C., L.M.T., L.E., B.S., M.A.C.

Certified AIPCT & AIIC

Permanent Make up aka Permanent Cosmetic Services:

  • Eye brows
  • Microblading
  • 3D Eyebrows
  • Hair strokes
  • Full lip color
  • Lip lining, lip liner
  • Eye liner
  • 3D areola pigmentation
  • 3D areola tatooing
  • Paramedical Tattooing

Selecting A Permanent Makeup Artist


Skill, talent, and an eye for creating a visually-appealing piece of art on the face and body comprise a great Makeup Artist.  Each client has a different look and facial feature, as well as a personal preference as to how they like their makeup applied.  It is the Permanent Makeup Artist's job to watch, listen and re-create a one-of-a-kind look. Karreen custom blends colors to meet the client's expectations.  The key to a great session is a thorough intake discussion of shape, color and outcome.

Permanent Cosmetics Benefits

If you live an active lifestyle, experience makeup allergies, have thin or sparse eyebrows/eyelashes, require scar camouflage, have difficulty applying cosmetics, or want your makeup to look great 24/7, Permanent Cosmetics are the solution. Permanent makeup can create an individual and natural look to increase confidence and reveal your beauty.             




Permanent Cosmetics Longevity

Permanent makeup is individualized and clients mayimage receive touch-ups every few years, while others wait up to ten years.  The choice is yours  and is dependent on how soft or dramatic you choose to wear your makeup. "Permanent Cosmetics" does not mean forever and touch-ups are inevitable.


In my professional opinion, every application of Permanent Cosmetics, requires a minimum of two treatments to enhance the overall look of pigment placement. Occasionally, the pigmented areaimage will need a third or fourth application which is rare, but does occur.  I will provide professional advice as to what color and shape is best for your facial features. However, I will always respect your desires as to the shape and color selection. Additional treatments are not free and prices will be discussed prior to any additional treatments.

Permanent Makeup Application

From start to finish, it takes no longer than one hour. All appointments require the client to arrive 30 minutes prior to the treatment so that a topical ointment can be applied to the pigmentation area and for the client to complete any necessary paperwork.

There is some pain and discomfort involved anytime you receive pigment to the skin.  I recommend that each client take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), or other non-prescription pain reliever, 30 minutes prior to a scheduled treatment (always seek your primaryimage imagecare physician's medical advice before taking any medication).   Prior to the permanent makeup application, a topical numbing ointment is applied to desensitize the treatment area.  Before beginning the second pass, an additional topical ointment is applied which allows the skin to become less sensitive to pigment placement.  Acupuncture is available to clients 30 minutes prior to a scheduled Permanent Makeup appointment.  This can create a relaxing and comfortable state of mind.


Every individual heals differently.  The majority heal, peel and slough off the pigmented skin within a one week period from the initial application.

Permanent Makeup Correction

Corrective work can be performed for several reasons; perhaps a Permanent Makeup artist you visited was not trained or skilled in the application of micro-pigmentation.  Perhaps the Permanent Makeup artist has not mastered their skills with cosmetic pigmentation. The pigment may have migrated, changed color or is no longer visually appealing. 

Together, we will discuss your corrective options, color selection, shape and your overall desired appearance. Enhancing the natural beauty of a particular facial feature is an art which distinguishes my expertise from others.

Scar Camouflage Treatment

imageScar camouflage treatments correct unwanted scars which may be due to surgeries, facelifts, lasers, auto accidents or burns.

Additional Applications 

imageEveryone holds pigment in their skin differently. What looks amazing when you leave your appointment can and will fade more than anticipated.  A second treatment is required to enhance the overall color and shape. If, for any reason, you elect to have a third or fourth application within the first year, there is a minimum fee of $100.00 per area, per application.

Breast Reconstruction and Areola Pigmentation

Men and women alike find themselves facing journeys of multiple surgeries and healing which canimage
affect the appearance and topography of the breast area.  Permanent Cosmetics can enhance the visual appearance of the breast by placing pigment to the nipple area (areola).  Permanent Cosmetics are an amazing gift to help those individuals feel whole and beautiful.


Nipple Restoration (Areola Pigmentation) and 3D Nipple Tattooing

Depending on the extent of their breast cancer, survivors often have bi-lateral or unilateral breast reconstruction, men and women alike choose to have the nipple area enhanced with color to provide the desired visual effect through shading (also referred to as 3D tattooing, 3D areola pigmentation). If a person has had a breast lift and the areola was removed and repositioned, they may need the areola enhanced with color to match or hide scarring. Depending on the extent of your breast reconstruction, each breast may be completely different from the other, so the goal is to create visual symmetry.


Tattooing the Breast Area Determining Areola Color, Shape and Size

The breast area is one of the more comfortable areas to tattoo. Men and women have reported the discomfort they have felt is a heavy pressure on the breast area, but not necessarily pain. 

Together we will determine what size, shape and color works best visually and cosmetically.