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Tarot Readings

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Karreen Martin, L.A.C., L.M.T., L.E., B.S., M.A.C

Not sure what your next step is?

You have questions and need direction, answers or clairity?

Tarot readings are different from one card reader to the next

Karreen can assist you with your questions and concens. Placing your vibrational enegy onto the cards has the ability to awaken your consciousness and identify the whys in your life. I personally do not provide predictions or advice. However, the cards will absorb your vibration and can provide insight, understanding and the endless possibilities available to you.

Do you have difficulty with a particular person or life situation

We all play a vital role in responding to situations and the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.  Possibly, you see the same patterns re-appearing in different groups, or situations throughout your life. Sometime these programs are out of your control. Understanding why you are experiencing these situations and having the ability to clear program blocks, will and can enable you to move past situations in your life that are no longer supporting your well being on a physical, mental and psychological level.

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do?

With Tarot, we can open the doors, look inside and investigate why specific situations have caused you to feel, think or behave in a particular way. Some times, situations, people, groups, workplaces or experiences no longer seem appealing to you. If you find yourself unhappy or unballanced with your current life situations and would like some insight, we can investigate the possibilities. Let's see how your current attitudes, triggers and behaviors play a key role in your current life, together we can awaken your spirit and take back control of your destiny, path, purpose and passion.

Looking for Inner Peace?

If you are searching for inner peace and guidance, together we can tap into your emotional power house to discover what is going on internally and what steps you can take to enhance your life and awaken your spirit. We all get stuck, but the energy medicine and insight provided by our guides and soul healers can have a profound affect on removing our blocks and providing clarity, wisdom and empowerment to move forward.

Tarot Readings

You present the questions and I will provide the insight. If you are looking for answers and are willing to enhance your current perspective, let's discover the whys and hows in order to move forward and progress in a direction that creates balance and understanding. I will never tell you who is coming into your life, but I can tell you why, you are experiencing the current challengers or disharmoinies with family, friends, loved ones. Understanding the energy involved in any situation, has the ability to help your grow and let go.

The more we point the finger and blame others, we need to go with in and understand why? Why do you feel this way, Why are you experiencing this feeling, situation or challenge. Self Healing is the best way to shift your life, heal your soul and move forward with inner peace. 

and feelings. Soul growth is a way of freeing your mind and soul is all about our soul growth.